The Consumer Disputes Board has fifteen sections.

Each section comprises a chairman and four members. A plenary session comprises the chairman, the deputy chairman and seven members. Plenary sessions handle cases of special significance. The composition of a plenary session changes according to what matters are being discussed.

Cases are handled by different sections according to the product involved. Sections are presently divided as follows:
1. Textiles, clothing, sewing, laundry, footwear, shoe repair, furs, leather (I)
2. Furniture, home appliances, home electronics (III)
3. IVa and IVb. Motor vehicle and parts
4. Motor vehicle maintenance, repair and rentals (V)
5. Travel, holiday cottages, restaurants, hotels (VI)
6. Health care services, barbers and hairdressers, opticians, jewellery, watches, animals, newspapers and magazines, toys, sports equipment and other goods (VII)
7. VIIIa and VIIIb: Construction, building repairs and prefabricated houses
8. Insurances (IX)
9. Other services such as banks, post, telephone, legal services, credit cards, electricity and water (X)
10. XIa and XI b: Real-estate and housing transactions in which the opposing party is a business
11. Housing transactions between private persons
12. Rented housing and the assignment of occupancy rights.

The Consumer Disputes Board is directed by the chairman and in his absence the deputy chairman. In administrative matters the chairman is assisted by the secretary general, who also presents cases in plenary sessions. Other staff are divided into four groups: goods, motor vehicles, intagible services and housing.

Published 6.10.2017