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Making a complaint to the Board

Before filing a complaint, remember to report the defect to the seller or other opposing party and make sure that an amicable settlement cannot be reached.

If an amicable settlement cannot be reached between the parties, it is a good idea to ask a consumer advisor for help. You can find consumers' rights on the Finnish Consumer Agency's website. The national phone number for consumer advisory services is 029 553 6901 (for Swedish, dial 029 553 6902).

The Consumer Disputes Board handles written complaints demanding redress from the other party.

The Consumer Disputes Board is not a monitoring authority. The Finnish Consumer Agency and Consumer Ombudsman monitor companies' marketing and the fairness of contract terms, among other things. The Consumer Disputes Board cannot reprimand businesses or issue guidelines on customer service or injunctions.

A decision reached by the Board is a recommendation concerning the resolution of a dispute. The Board's decision is not binding in the same way as a court ruling. About 80% of businesses comply with the Board's decision, however.

The handling of a matter by the Consumer Disputes Board is free of charge for both parties.

The parties are responsible for their own costs, such as mailing costs. If a party has had to pay for an expert statement, the Board can recommend compensation to cover the costs of the statement if the Board recommends that compensation be paid for a defect.

You can file a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Board yourself. You do not need a lawyer.

You can also have another person represent you. This person can be anyone you choose who agrees to perform the task. In this case you should complete the appropriate item on the form. If you have another person represent you, you should give him or her power of attorney. An open letter of attorney is not enough. Compensation is not provided for the use of an attorney.

Published 12.7.2013