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Instructions for completing the complaint form

The complaint forms are only in Finnish and Swedish.

Complete each item on the complaint form carefully in Finnish or Swedish. Pay special attention to .Vaatimukset ja niiden perustelu. (demands and reasons). The Consumer Disputes Board cannot recommend compensation above what you demand. Demands must be realistic, however.

Finland does not have a punitive reward system as in the United States. In Finland the purpose of compensation is simply to make up for any loss that has been suffered.

The amount of a reduction in price and other forms of redress are also evaluated according to the facts of the case and the law. Compensation cannot be received for emotional distress and inconvenience.

Exaggerating demands may make it more difficult to come to an agreement. This should be the goal since it saves everyone's time, work and money. The parties can come to an agreement at any stage during the handling of a matter.

Proof is important

It is up to you to present proof of a defect and any damage for which you demand compensation. This can be shown by presenting receipts, for example.

A precise list of demands with reasons may be enough, if you do not have receipts, as long as the information you provide is reliable.

The Board resolves matters on the basis of the information in documents and in some cases by examining a product. Check with the person handling the matter whether you can use the product or whether you should have it examined. For this reason you should not have a product repaired before it has been examined. If a defect must be repaired urgently in order to avoid further damage, you should first get a statement from an impartial expert or other proof concerning the defect.

It may be difficult to find such an expert. Your consumer advisor can help. The local chamber of commerce can provide information on product inspectors.

You should not send the product to the Board along with the complaint. It will be requested separately if it is needed.

You should append copies of any correspondence with the other party and other written materials to the complaint. Agreements, such as an offer, an order confirmation, a contract or hire-purchase contract, a warranty, warranty terms and instructions for use are important things to append to a complaint. Do not cut copies of receipts or other appended items to make them look "real". Send them as normal A4 copies. Do not staple papers together. Any photos should be appended as paper copies, one set for the Board and one set for each opposing party.

Published 12.7.2013