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Contact information

Consumer Disputes Board
Hämeentie 3
P.O. Box 306
tel. +358 29 566 5200 (switchboard, the price of a call is the local network charge or mobile phone charge according to the caller's agreement with the operator)
When calling from outside Finland, charges
may vary depending on your local operator.
fax: +358 29 566 5249
e-mail: kril@oikeus.fi

The Consumer Disputes Board does not give general information or advice. If you need information or advice in a particular matter, please find it on the Finnish Consumer Agency's website.

The Consumer Disputes Board only handles written complaints that are sent to it. Do not send documents regarding a dispute to the Board unless you have filed a complaint.

If your complaint is already being handled by the Board and you need advice concerning the matter, please contact the person assigned to handle the matter whose name has been given to you.

Published 15.7.2013